December 29 2019 and astrology

Cancer, there's a time and place for everything. You can find home the place to be. Make things cozy.

Panchang • Sunday, December 29, 12222

Light some candles. Bring out the sensual comforts and if you're the type who loves to bake, think comfort food and decadent delights. Leo, you can inspire others today with a smile, your love and your shining presence. You can work well with others, and say things that doesn't upset others. Virgo, your need to care for others and to make sure people have what they need hits a high note today.

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If you're shopping, you might find you still are enjoying buying gifts for loved ones and need to scale back a bit in case you tend to overspend. It's not too late to plan for Christmas Libra, your desire to be heard and to hear is met with grace and acceptance.

Sun enters Scorpio

You may find this to be the best time for you to journal, open your heart and let love in. Scorpio, the enemy of love is lack of time. Make time for those you love today, and if you're single, rebuild a relationship with yourself by showing yourself what it feels like to be cherished, loved and needed.

Sagittarius, your mind and thoughts can be on how to make more friends and to give in the same way you receive. If you're in a group setting, something said that is less than complimentary about a friend or someone you love can bring out the protective bear in you. Capricorn, things in your life are hyper focused but learning to make time for fun is important to.

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  • Find your place in the world as a lover as much as you are a worker. You need to check in the work minded stuff at the door so you can enjoy your personal time and space. Aquarius, your mind may begin to travel, and you can imagine a new relationship on the horizon soon. What would you do with the person you meet?

    December 29th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

    Consider making a list. In a relationship now, perhaps role play and doing something completely different to foster a refreshing love connection will be super romantic for you both. Pisces, learning to share of yourself in new ways is a work in process. If you have a tendency to be independent, allow yourself to be more open to someone caring for you. It's a good day to share the workload.

    Welcome Back

    You are not regarded as a natural nomad, but one way or another your stars do seem to be rather unsettling. It may come as a surprise to you that the sign of the zodiac responsible for your legendary talkativeness, is Leo. That is why your current colourful planets are trying to tell you to get out and meet as many people as you possibly can, as soon as you can.

    Take as much time and expend as much effort as is necessary to repair a damaged relationship.

    December 29 Zodiac

    As if by magic, the Moon comes to your rescue, helping you make up your mind. This happens once a month, but this time around the change in your mood could be quite dramatic and, over the next few days, you could experience a sudden surge of confidence and optimism. After a brief social spell you may be ready to spend a little time by yourself.

    MANI BHASKAR ( Astrology ) CTVN Programme on Sept 29, 2019 at 12:05 PM

    Actually, it will be a good idea to re-charge your emotional batteries ready for what should be a fine start to the coming week. One thing you can say about the recent past is that at least your skills in crisis management have been refined and, in some cases, wrought to perfection.

    Now you may relax and enjoy any pleasant social encounters conferred by the Moon in friendly regions of your chart. Play to win today. There can be no coming second place, whether your goals are professional, financial or romantic.

    Venus enters Sagittarius