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November Monthly Horoscope Summary for Libra: November can be a busy although at times scattered month for you, dear Libra. Venus is retrograde until the 16th, on the day that Mercury turns retrograde, and you may be dealing with some stop-and-go energy! However, there can be some nice opportunities to enjoy new interests or take a fresh look at old problems with this retrograde action.

This can be a time for editing a project, picking up a skill that you may have dropped in the past, reconnecting with old classmates or acquaintances, or talking about past relationships. Jupiter changes signs on the 8th — something that happens only once every thirteen months — and this launches a new cycle for you that expands your contacts, communications, and interests until December The year ahead can be a time for taking up further studies, hobbies, or interests or for finding new and improved channels for communicating or commuting that open up new worlds to you.

It can be an important year for laying down the groundwork for future projects, or for building up your skills. The of November gives you the general vibe of this transit as the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter align in your communications sector. While Jupiter encourages you to diversify and explore your interests, the North Node moves into your serious solar tenth house, where it will influence until May Some of the greatest joys and challenges are likely to come through your career and public life during this period.

These themes are different but not necessarily clashing. Ideally, they help to round out your life. Retrograde Venus stays in your sign for a visit all month until early December , and in the first half of November, is retrograde, as noted above.

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You have an opportunity to look at yourself, your personal goals, and your image in a different light, and to look back before you go forward. Your personality, image, attitude to anything new, initiating qualities, immediate responses to stress, self-identity, and communications are all themes that retrograde Venus touches now. Refining and possibly redefining some of these things may be in order. There may be some relationship drama or a bit of upheaval as Uranus returns to your partnership sector for a little while longer. Watch for pressure to make a quick decision around the It may not be as important as it seems in the heat of the moment.

Jupiter does move on, but is not leaving you behind by any means!

Horoscope: November 5th - 6th

This is a time for a bit more visibility and special attention to your personal plans, needs, hopes, and wishes. Venus turns direct on the 16th but remains in the sign just behind yours, suggesting some natural cautiousness and reticence in the love or affections department. Things will push forward once Venus re-enters your sign early in December.

This is somewhat of a swap-out and works very well for you as you continue to challenge yourself to take on new activities and to feed your spirit. The is brilliant for powerful intuition and growth. Take note of your instincts now as this is a new beginning, despite continued retrograde activity. Jupiter in Sagittarius from the 8th forward is powerful for your money and resources, and on a psychological level, your self-worth and value. Look for opportunities to enhance your sense of comfort, well-being, and security, or to improve your finances. This transit is about making your own money and relying more reliably on your own income or using your personal resources to their utmost.

This is a timely transit — Saturn has cleared the decks in this sector of your chart in recent years, and now Jupiter is coming along to help you start fresh, with new confidence. Mid-month features some interesting changes. For one, Mars moves into harmony with your sign. Self-assertion is easy and natural now. Your romantic or creative life can heat up, although there can be some impatience in these areas. Neptune turning direct in this same sector on the 24th is another boost to all things romantic and creative in your life. At about the same time, Venus turns direct after a retrograde period, and slowly but surely, life feels a little more straightforward in the areas of love, pleasure, and comfort.

Mind you, on the same day that Venus turns direct, Mercury turns retrograde. Expect to look back before you look forward with your money and resources. The Full Moon on the 24th compels you to figure out matters related to dependencies and debts. This will help you get a better handle on where you stand. The is pivotal — a time to access your intuition about what to leave behind you before your fresh start.

From November 8th to next December, Jupiter helps boost your sense of adventure. You could find that your natural Sagittarian traits are in full bloom in the year ahead! You might start a new long-term endeavor now — something all about you or resulting from your self-starting, enterprising nature. New physical activities or programs, businesses, or a fresh start regarding how you walk into a room or grab opportunities, may be part of the picture. Saturn helped you get organized but did little for your popularity.

Mercury spends part of the month retrograde in your sign, and the Sun spends much of November in your privacy sector, keeping things low-profile. However, it also points you in the direction of finding a better balance, which is always powerful. The temptation has been to do everything yourself, which can become too much. Venus turns direct after a retrograde cycle on the 16th, helping to clarify your social life, but on the same day, Mercury in your sign turns retrograde for a three-week run.

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For one, Jupiter moves into its own sign, Sagittarius, and in your solar chart, this falls in your privacy sector, since Sagittarius is right behind Capricorn. With Saturn in the forefront of your chart and Jupiter in the background, this can be a year in which working hard is in focus.

Things that come your way tend to be through your own strong efforts, rarely strokes of luck. In fact, it is , but not in the more overt ways. This is a strong period for getting in touch with your more giving nature and with your subconscious. The North Node of the Moon moving into your opposite sign is the other significant shift happening in November, and its influence extends until May This month, Venus backs up into your career and reputation sector in retrograde motion and then turns direct on the 16th.

This is much like having to go back over old ground to correct and refine matters before moving forward. The edits you do now can be very useful.

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Around the same time mid-month , Mars moves into your communications sector for a two-month stay, and later in November, Neptune turns direct in this area of your solar chart. This augurs especially well for your communications, helping to pick up the slack that you may experience with Mercury retrograde in the second half of the month.

Enthusiasm is powerful for your ideas and connections. You might also need to tie up some loose ends now and in the coming few months related to home and family life. This process will ultimately help stabilize these things. Later in November, you head into your yearly phase of rest, recuperation, and reflection. This will be useful as you move closer to your personal new year. Because the first few weeks of November may have been especially busy, this can come as a welcome relief!

One is Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, moving into a fabulous place in your solar chart, and it will stay there for thirteen months. It feels right at home in your solar eleventh house — a house that, incidentally, resonates well with your character. You do need more space and downtime than usual these days, but a better, more satisfying social life can be excellent in small or even medium! This transit helps inject more fun and interest into your life. The more you put into these things, the more they give back.

Plus, Mars enters your solar second house on the 15th, and Neptune, already in this sector, turns direct this month — more signs that material affairs are strengthening and than you should direct your energies to these things. There can be some review necessary with Venus retrograde until the 16th and Mercury retrograde from the 16th forward!

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You may come across as more stern or insensitive than you are. There may be a review of — or return to — an unfinished matter or previous condition related to travel, education, special interests, or publishing. Watch for making sudden decisions regarding your career around the 8th. While you want to start fresh, decisions should be made mindfully rather than as a result of feeling pressured or rushed. Even so, an interesting theme emerges for you. Powerful shifts and moves are in store this month, in fact. Mars moves into your sign on the 15th, the New Moon happens in harmony to your sign on the 7th, the North Node moves into harmony with your sign, Neptune turns direct, and Jupiter makes it to the top of your solar chart.

Even the out of synch energies are occupying visible parts of your chart. Jupiter moves into your career and reputation zone on the 8th, launching a thirteen-month-long cycle in which your status improves, or an important project comes to completion.

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In the year ahead, your efforts are likely to be recognized and rewarded. The last week of November brings further emphasis on your responsibilities, work, and performance as the Sun joins Jupiter in the same sectors, and this is set to increase in December. You may be reviewing your financial arrangements or obligations or your relationship commitments. Although there may have been some confusion or stagnation in your love life, the month gets easier for romantic expression and attention as it progresses.

This new transit will stick around until May and complements you well but is not always straightforward since so much of your energy is going into stabilizing, pruning, or rebuilding your social life, networks, or connections to the community or groups. The North Node asks you to pay due attention to your personal life, too. You may need to let go of some attention to your obligations to the outside world so that you can develop your love relationships or to enjoy some personal time and creative outlets so that you can feel complete and whole. There are lovely benefits if you do so.

Entertainment, leisure, hobbies, pastimes, and romance can be in stronger focus. Seek out a better balance between your personal happiness and the attention you give to a group, organization, network, or friends. There are plenty of rewards for you here. Working towards a well-defined goal can be motivating and satisfying. Your position with bosses, parents, teachers, or authorities can improve wonderfully in the year ahead.

Another call to balance your life with attention to your family, home, or personal life comes with the Full Moon on the 23rd.

Guard yourself against reacting too quickly or severely to loved ones during this time. On the 22nd, the Sun enters Sagittarius and the full moon enters Gemini the next day. Everyone will be ready to share their ideas, no matter how wild. On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss. We all know about the havoc wreaked by Mercury retrograde, but what about Pluto?

The dwarf planet has been retrograde since April And on October 2, it. Early in the morning on Saturday, September 28, the new moon will rise in Libra, the sign of the Scales. All new moons symbolize new beginnings, and with t. I spent the weekend with Aubrey Marcus, a wellness guru soothing the souls of modern men. On September 23, the fall equinox arrives and Libra season officially begins. The seventh sign of the zodiac is associated with balance, beauty, and sociab. On Monday, September 23, day and night will be equal length, and autumn will officially begin.